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dc.contributor.authorNavarro Roldán, Miguel Ángel
dc.contributor.authorBosch Serra, Dolors
dc.contributor.authorGemeno Marín, César
dc.contributor.authorSiegwart, Myriam
dc.descriptionDades primàries associades a un article publicat a la revista Bulletin of Entomological Research disponible a l'adreça
dc.description.abstractWe assess the main detoxification metabolic mechanisms to three neurotoxic insecticides in male and female adults of three economically important tortricid moth pests [Cydia pomonella (L.), Grapholita molesta (Busck), and Lobesia botrana (Denis & Schiffermüller)]. Statistical analysis shows that phase I enzymatic activities were important in both sexes of three species, whereas phase II enzymes were only important in G. molesta. As well, EST played a role in detoxification process of all insecticides tested. MFO are involved in detoxification process of thiacloprid and activation of chlorpyrifos in both sexes of three species. L. botrana has a particular profile compare to the two other species with enhanced activity of GST and MFO in males compare to females. Inhibition tests followed by enzymatic measurement reveal significant inhibition for EST with DEF. Although MFO and GST were not inhibited by PBO and DEM respectively at the tested time. Inhibition across time was observed with PBO in G. molesta and L. botrana, results shown differences in amounts of MFO measured at different times after inhibition, which were distinct between males and females.ca_ES
dc.publisherUniversitat de Lleida
dc.rightscc-by, (c) Navarro Roldán et al., 2017ca_ES
dc.subjectInsecticide inhibitorsca_ES
dc.subjectNeurotoxic insecticidesca_ES
dc.subjectAdult insectsca_ES
dc.subjectSex differencesca_ES
dc.titleEnzymatic detoxification strategies for neurotoxic insecticides in adult tortricids [Research data]ca_ES

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cc-by, (c) Navarro Roldán et al., 2017
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