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dc.contributor.authorNavarro Farré, Lidia
dc.contributor.authorBarreneche Güerisoli, Camila
dc.contributor.authorCastell, Albert
dc.contributor.authorRedpath, David A.G.
dc.contributor.authorGriffiths, Philip
dc.contributor.authorCabeza, Luisa F.
dc.description.abstractRenewable energy is a potential alternative energy provider with fewer CO2 emissions. However, the mismatch between energy supply and demand is the main disadvantage. Therefore, thermal energy storage becomes an essential technology for enhancing renewable energy efficiency and providing energy supply to the end user. In solar thermal energy systems, hot water tanks are widely used as sensible heat storage technology. Moreover, water storage usually requires large volumes and their improvement has been studied in terms of shape and arrangement. Latent heat storage materials are a potential technology for implementation in water storage tanks in order to reduce their volume and to enhance their efficiency. In this paper, the incorporation of shape high density polyethylene spheres with PCM into domestic hot water tanks is studied. Undesired results obtained in the water tank set-up lead the authors to analyse the PCM leakage in the laboratory. Laboratory analysis pointed out that the PCM-spheres must be thermally cycled and cleaned before their implementation in real application of domestic hot water in order to stabilize the PCM content inside the PCM- spheres.
dc.description.sponsorshipThe work partially funded by the Spanish government (ENE2015-64117-C5-1-R (MINECO/FEDER), ENE2015-64117-C5-2-R (MINECO/FEDER), and ULLE10-4E-1305). The authors would like to thank the Catalan Government for the quality accreditation given to their research group GREA (2014 SGR 123) and DIOPMA (2014 SGR 1543). The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° PIRSES-GA-2013-610692 (INNOSTORAGE) and from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 657466 (INPATH-TES). Dr. Camila Barreneche would like to thank Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad de España for Grant Juan de la Cierva, FJCI-2014-22886.
dc.relation.isformatofVersió postprint del document publicat a
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of Energy Storage, 2017, vol. 13, p. 262-267
dc.rightscc-by-nc-nd (c) Elsevier, 2017
dc.subjectThermal energy storage (TES)
dc.subjectWater tank
dc.subjectPhase change materials (PCM)
dc.titleHigh density polyethylene spheres with PCM for domestic hot water applications: Water tank and laboratory scale study

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cc-by-nc-nd (c) Elsevier, 2017
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