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    • Palbociclib has antitumour effects on Pten-deficient endometrial neoplasias 

      Dosil Garcia, Maria Alba; Mirantes Barbeito, Cristina; Eritja Sánchez, Núria; Felip, Isidre; Navaridas Fernández de Bobadilla, Raúl; Gatius Calderó, Sònia; Santacana Espasa, Maria; Colás, Eva; Moiola, Cristian P.; Schoenenberger, Joan Antoni; Encinas Martín, Mario; Garí Marsol, Eloi; Matias-Guiu, Xavier; Dolcet Roca, Xavier (Wiley, 2017-04-28)
      PTEN is one of the most frequently mutated genes in human cancers. The frequency of PTEN alterations is particularly high in endometrial carcinomas. Loss of PTEN leads to dysregulation of cell division, and promotes the ...