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    • Motoneuron deafferentation and gliosis occur in association with neuromuscular regressive changes during ageing in mice 

      Blasco Carmona, Alba; Gras Artells, Sílvia; Mòdol-Caballero, Guillem; Tarabal Mostazo, Olga; Casanovas i Llorens, Anna; Piedrafita Llorens, Lídia; Barranco, Alejandro; Das, Tapas; Pereira, Suzette L.; Navarro, Xavier; Rueda, Ricardo; Esquerda Colell, Josep; Calderó i Pardo, Jordi (Wiley, 2020-07-20)
      Background The cellular mechanisms underlying the age‐associated loss of muscle mass and function (sarcopenia) are poorly understood, hampering the development of effective treatment strategies. Here, we performed a detailed ...