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    • Assessing the impact of early detection biases on breast cancer survival of Catalan women 

      Roso-Llorach, Albert; Forné Izquierdo, Carles; Macià, Francesc; Galcerán, Jaume; Marcos-Gragera, Rafael; Rué i Monné, Montserrat (Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya, 2014)
      Survival estimates for women with screen-detected breast cancer are affected by biases specific to early detection. Lead-time bias occurs due to the advance of diagnosis, and length-sampling bias because tumors detected ...
    • Informed choice in breast cancer screening: the role of education 

      Pons Rodríguez, Anna; Martínez Alonso, Montserrat; Perestelo Pérez, Lilisbeth; Garcia, Montse; Sala i Serra, Maria; Rué i Monné, Montserrat (Elsevier, 2020-01-16)
      Objective To evaluate the effect of receiving information about the benefits and harms of breast cancer screening in informed choice, according to educational level. Method Secondary analysis of a randomized, controlled ...
    • The effect of information about the benefits and harms of mammography on women’s decision-making: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 

      Misericòrdia, Carles; Martínez Alonso, Montserrat; Pons Rodríguez, Anna; Pérez Lacasta, María José; Perestelo Pérez, Lilisbeth; Sala, Maria; Vidal, Carmen; Garcia, Montse; Toledo Chávarri, Ana; Codern-Bové, Núria; Feijoo Cid, Maria; Romero, Anabel; Pla, Roger; Soler González, Jorge; Castells, Xavier; Rué i Monné, Montserrat (BioMed Central, 2017)
      The decision to participate or not in breast cancer screening is complex due to the trade-off between the expected benefit of breast cancer mortality reduction and the major harm of overdiagnosis. It seems ethically necessary ...