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    • Barley β-glucan accelerates wound healing by favoring migration versus proliferation of human dermal fibroblasts 

      Pérez Fusté, Noel; Guasch Vallés, Marta; Guillén, Pere; Anerillas, Carlos; Cemeli, Tània; Pedraza González, Neus; Ferrezuelo, Francisco; Encinas Martín, Mario; Moralejo Vidal, Mª Angeles; Garí Marsol, Eloi (Elsevier, 2019)
      β-Glucans are considered candidates for the medication in different human pathologies. In this work, we have purified β-glucan from a selected barley line and tested their effects in primary human dermal fibroblasts. ...
    • Cytoplasmic Cyclin D1 regulates glioblastoma dissemination 

      Cemeli, Tània; Guasch Vallés, Marta; Nàger Grifo, Mireia; Felip, Isidre; Cambray Carner, Serafí; Santacana Espasa, Maria; Gatius Calderó, Sònia; Pedraza González, Neus; Dolcet Roca, Xavier; Ferrezuelo, Francisco; Schuhmacher, Alberto J.; Herreros Danés, Judit; Garí Marsol, Eloi (Wiley, 2019)
      Glioblastoma (GBM) is a highly invasive brain neoplasia with an elevated recurrence rate after surgical resection. The CyclinD1 (Ccnd1)/Cdk4-RB1 axis is frequently altered in GBM, leading to over-proliferation by RB1 ...
    • Evaluation of tumor interstitial fluid-extraction methods for proteome analysis: comparison of biopsy elution versus centrifugation 

      Matas Nadal, Clara; Bech Serra, Joan Josep; Guasch Vallés, Marta; Fernández Armenteros, José Manuel; Barceló Gómez, Carla; Casanova i Seuma, Josep M. (Josep Manel); de la Torre Gómez, Carolina; Aguayo Ortiz, Rafael; Garí Marsol, Eloi (American Chemical Society, 2020-01-01)
      The analysis of Tumor Interstitial Fluid (TIF) composition is a valuable procedure to identify anti-metastatic targets, and different laboratories have set up techniques for TIF isolation and proteomic analyses. However, ...