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dc.contributor.authorDiert-Boté, Irati
dc.contributor.authorCots Caimons, Josep Maria
dc.description.abstractThe growing international presence of the English language gives rise to an increasing need for English learning, which accounts for its ubiquity in many school curriculums, including the Catalan. This dissertation aims (1) to explore the discourses of dissatisfaction of first-year students at the University of Lleida regarding the education they have received during their years of English instruction and (2) to subsequently unveil and reflect upon their beliefs and emotions with respect to language learning, for which a sociocultural and affective approach to SLA is adopted. Data were collected from five focus groups with a total of 31 participants and were analysed by means of Thematic Analysis, which revealed general beliefs and emotions about language learning, and with Membership Categorisation Analysis (MCA), which disclosed beliefs related to English teachers. Results show the urgent need for a change in English teaching methodology in Catalonia and the importance of learners‟ beliefs and emotions in language learning. The study concludes with some pedagogical implications for teachers and researchers.ca_ES
dc.format.extent64 p.ca_ES
dc.publisherUniversitat de Lleida. Facultat de Lletresca_ES
dc.subject.otherEvolució culturalca_ES
dc.subject.otherLlenguatge i llengües--Ensenyamentca_ES
dc.title"I did not learn English at school”. An exploration of English language learners ' beliefs and emotionsca_ES

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