La literatura juvenil publicada en Portugal: de las grandes tiradas comerciales a la interacción en la Web 2.0

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Fraga de Azevedo, Fernando
Selfa Sastre, MoisésSelfa Sastre, Moisés - ORCID ID
Balça, Ângela
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This paper explains the changes that the Internet has introduced in the reading of juvenile texts and in the promotion of these from virtual public epitexts or online sources as blogs, reading forums and booktrailers. These new forms of reading assume a new type of interaction between the author of the text and its reader, in which both share the information in reading digital spaces on the content and interpretation of the literary work. A specific example of this new type of reading interaction is the literary work the uprise of the satyrs (2014), by Ana Soares and Barbara Wong, published in portugal. Using a password, the reader of this juvenile text can access a virtual space in which he or she can find out its development, come in contact with diverse information about the literary work, and can interact with the author and other readers of this young adult text.
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Revista chilena de literatura, 2016, num. 94, p. 103-118