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  • Appendices for International Collaboration in the field of Educational Research: A Delphi Study [Research data] 

    Bond, Melissa; Marín, Victoria I.; Bedenlier, Svenja (Universitat de Lleida, 2021)
    (International) research collaboration (IRC) is considered one of the most important aspects of academic careers and, although it is often linked to co-authorship, investigations of academic perceptions and practices are ...
  • Changes in stress level following the application of measures against COVID-19 [Research data] 

    Paül i Agustí, Daniel (Universitat de Lleida, 2021)
    Measurements of the Root Mean Square of Successive Differences (RMSSD) of 10 volunteers before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • KEvOr dataset [Research data] 

    Gené Mola, Jordi; Llorens Calveras, Jordi; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon; Gregorio López, Eduard; Arnó Satorra, Jaume; Solanelles Batlle, Francesc; Martínez Casasnovas, José Antonio; Escolà i Agustí, Alexandre (Universitat de Lleida, 2020-11)
    The Kinect Evaluation in Orchard conditions (KEvOr) dataset is comprised of a set of RGB-D captures carried out with the Microsoft Kinect v2 to evaluate the performance of this sensor at different lighting conditions in ...
  • Experimental data on porcine leptin receptor genotype classes [Research data] 

    Solé Mòdol, Emma; Ros Freixedes, Roger; Tor i Naudí, Marc; Reixach, Josep; Pena i Subirà, Ramona Natacha; Estany Illa, Joan (Universitat de Lleida, 2020-09-30)
    The dataset contains the experimental data associated to the publication “Antagonistic maternal and direct effects of the leptin receptor gene on body weight in pigs”. The phenotype and the LEPR genotype in each ...
  • KFuji RGB-DS dataset [Research data] 

    Gené Mola, Jordi; Vilaplana Besler, Verónica; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon; Morros Rubió, Josep Ramon; Ruiz Hidalgo, Javier; Gregorio López, Eduard (Universitat de Lleida, 2020-05)
    The KFuji RGB-DS dataset is composed by 967 multi-modal images of Fuji apples on trees captured using Microsoft Kinect v2 (Microsoft, Redmond, WA, USA). Each image contains information from 3 different modalities: color ...
  • LFuji-air dataset [Research data]  

    Gené Mola, Jordi; Gregorio López, Eduard; Auat Cheein, Fernando; Guevara, Javier; Llorens Calveras, Jordi; Sanz Cortiella, Ricardo; Escolà i Agustí, Alexandre; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon (Universitat de Lleida, 2020)
    The LFuji-air dataset contains LiDAR based point clouds of 11 Fuji apples trees and the corresponding apples location ground truth. A mobile terrestrial laser scanner (MTLS) comprised of a LiDAR sensor and a real-time ...
  • Fuji-SfM dataset [Research data] 

    Gené Mola, Jordi; Sanz Cortiella, Ricardo; Rosell Polo, Joan Ramon; Morros Rubió, Josep Ramon; Ruiz Hidalgo, Javier; Vilaplana Besler, Verónica; Gregorio López, Eduard (Universitat de Lleida, 2020)
    The Fuji-SfM dataset includes: (1) a set of 288 colour images and the corresponding annotations (apples segmentation masks) for training instance segmentation neural networks such as Mask-RCNN; (2) a set of 582 images ...
  • Data on section's discharge depending on scheduling of pressurized irrigation networks [Research data] 

    Monserrat Viscarri, Joaquín (Universitat de Lleida, 2012-07)
    Data of three real networks are presented. The objective is to assess the cost reduction achieved when rotation scheduling is applied instead of on-demand scheduling. Demand discharges were calculated using Clement's ...
  • PERMETFIT [Research data] 

    Pasamontes, Alberto; Obis Monné, Èlia; Fernández Bernal, Anna; Jové Font, Mariona; Ferrer, Heily; Portero Otín, Manuel (Universitat de Lleida, 2019-04-12)
    Increasing physical activity (PA) is currently widespread among the population. Thus, in addition to the professional, the amateur and the physically inactive persons being engaged for many different reasons, PA is considered ...
  • Extremely low neonicotinoid doses alter navigation of pest insects along pheromone plumes [Research data] 

    Navarro Roldán, Miguel Ángel; Amat Gómez, Carles; Bau, Josep; Gemeno Marín, César (Universitat de Lleida, 2018)
    Despite the prevailing use of neonicotinoids in pest control, and their known adverse impact on non-target organisms like honeybees, relatively few studies have explored the effect of sublethal neonicotinoid levels on ...
  • EAG responses of Lobesia botrana males and females collected from Vitis vinífera and Daphne gnidium to host-plant volatiles and sex pheromone compounds [Research data] 

    Pérez-Aparicio, Alicia; Torres-Vila, Luis M.; Gemeno Marín, César (Universitat de Lleida, 2018)
    We analyzed electroantennogram (EAG) responses of male and female adults of Lobesia botrana (Denis et Schiffermuller) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) collected as larvae from the host plants Vitis vinifera L. and Daphne gnidium ...
  • An advanced method based on surface renewal theory to estimate the friction velocity and the surface heat flux [Research data] 

    Castellví Sentís, Francesc (Universitat de Lleida, 2018)
    Mesures del camp de velocitat del vent (3 components), temperatura sònica i de l'aire a alta freqüència (8-10 Hz) separades per fitxers en base temporal cada 30 min.
  • Castellanización y afrancesamiento de los nombres de los municipios catalanes [Research data] 

    Burgueño, Jesús (Universitat de Lleida, 2017)
    Lista de las formas escritas de los topónimos correspondientes a los municipios catalanes que se empleaban en los ss. XVII-XVIII y clasificación del grado de castellanización (o de afrancesamiento, en el caso del Rosellón) ...
  • Fear of falling in community-dwelling older adults: a cause of falls, a consequence, or both? [Research data] 

    Lavedán, Ana; Viladrosa, Maria; Jürschik, Pilar; Botigué, Teresa; Nuin Orrio, Carmen; Masot, Olga; Lavedán, Raquel (Universitat de Lleida, 2018)
    Minimal anonymized data set necessary to replicate our study findings as either Supporting Information.
  • The Agrodiversity Experiment: three years of data from a multisite study in intensively managed grasslands [Research data] 

    Kirwan, Laura; Connolly, John; Brophy, Caroline; Baadshaug, Ole H.; Belanger, Gilles; Black, Alistair; Carnus, Timothee; Collins, Rosemary P.; Čop, Jure; Delgado, Ignacio; De Vliegher, A.; Elgersma, Anjo; Frankow-Lindberg, Bodil E.; Golinski, Piotr; Grieu, Philippe; Gustavsson, Anne-Maj; Helgadóttir, Áslaug; Höglind, Mats; Huguenin-Elie, Olivier; Jørgensen, Marit; Kadziuliene, Zydre; Lunnan, Tor; Lüscher, Andreas; Kurki, Päivi; Porqueddu, Claudio; Sebastià, Ma. T.; Thumm, Ulrich; Walmsley, David; Finn, John A. (Universitat de Lleida, 2014)
    Intensively managed grasslands are globally prominent ecosystems. We investigated whether experimental increases in plant diversity in intensively managed grassland communities can increase their resource use efficiency. ...
  • The wildland-urban interface map of Catalonia [Research data] 

    Alcasena Urdíroz, Fermín J.; Evers, Cody R.; Vega García, Cristina (Universitat de Lleida, 2017)
    The wildland-urban interface (WUI) is the area where residential structures intermingle with hazardous vegetation and where most housing losses and human fatalities are concentrated. We provide a WUI map of Catalonia, a ...
  • Wildfire spread, hazard and exposure metric raster grids for central Catalonia [Research data] 

    Alcasena Urdíroz, Fermín J.; Ager, Alan A.; Salis, Michele; Day, Michelle A.; Vega García, Cristina (Universitat de Lleida, 2017)
    We provide 40 m resolution wildfire spread, hazard and exposure metric raster grids for the 0.13 million ha fire-prone Bages County in central Catalonia (northeastern Spain) corresponding to node influence grid (NIG), crown ...
  • Enzymatic detoxification strategies for neurotoxic insecticides in adult tortricids [Research data] 

    Navarro Roldán, Miguel Ángel; Bosch Serra, Dolors; Gemeno Marín, César; Siegwart, Myriam (Universitat de Lleida, 2017)
    We assess the main detoxification metabolic mechanisms to three neurotoxic insecticides in male and female adults of three economically important tortricid moth pests [Cydia pomonella (L.), Grapholita molesta (Busck), and ...
  • Captures of oriental fruit moth, Grapholita molesta (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), in traps baited with host-plant volatiles in Chile [Research data] 

    Barros-Parada, Wilson; Ammagarahalli Munishamappa, Byrappa; Basoalto, Esteban; Fuentes-Contreras, Eduardo; Gemeno Marín, César (Universitat de Lleida, 2017)
    Studies in Australia and China identified host-plant volatile blends from peach and pear that captured relatively high numbers of Grapholita molesta (Busck). To determine if these blends are attractive in other countries ...
  • Sublethal effects of neonicotinoid insecticide on calling behavior and pheromone production of tortricid moths [Research data] 

    Navarro Roldán, Miguel Ángel; Gemeno Marín, César (Universitat de Lleida, 2017)
    We asses if sublethal concentrations of the neonicotinoid insecticide thiacloprid affect pheromone production and calling behavior in adults of three economically important tortricid moth pests [Cydia pomonella (L.), ...

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