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    • Functional Trait Changes, Productivity Shifts and Vegetation Stability in Mountain Grasslands during a Short-Term Warming [Research data]  

      Debouk, Haifa; de Bello, Francesco; Sebastià, Ma. T. (Universitat de Lleida, 2015)
      Plant functional traits underlie vegetation responses to environmental changes such as global warming, and consequently influence ecosystem processes. While most of the existing studies focus on the effect of warming only ...
    • The Agrodiversity Experiment: three years of data from a multisite study in intensively managed grasslands [Research data] 

      Kirwan, Laura; Connolly, John; Brophy, Caroline; Baadshaug, Ole H.; Belanger, Gilles; Black, Alistair; Carnus, Timothee; Collins, Rosemary P.; Čop, Jure; Delgado, Ignacio; De Vliegher, A.; Elgersma, Anjo; Frankow-Lindberg, Bodil E.; Golinski, Piotr; Grieu, Philippe; Gustavsson, Anne-Maj; Helgadóttir, Áslaug; Höglind, Mats; Huguenin-Elie, Olivier; Jørgensen, Marit; Kadziuliene, Zydre; Lunnan, Tor; Lüscher, Andreas; Kurki, Päivi; Porqueddu, Claudio; Sebastià, Ma. T.; Thumm, Ulrich; Walmsley, David; Finn, John A. (Universitat de Lleida, 2014)
      Intensively managed grasslands are globally prominent ecosystems. We investigated whether experimental increases in plant diversity in intensively managed grassland communities can increase their resource use efficiency. ...