H3PO4/metal halide induces a one-pot solvent-free esterification–halogenation of glycerol and diols

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Escribà i Gelonch, MarcEscribà i Gelonch, Marc - ORCID ID
Eras i Joli, JordiEras i Joli, Jordi - ORCID ID
Balcells Fluvià, MercèBalcells Fluvià, Mercè - ORCID ID
Canela i Garayoa, RamonCanela i Garayoa, Ramon - ORCID ID
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As part of our continued effort to achieve the synthesis of halohydrin esters from polyols by a sustainable method, here we report on a multicomponent inorganic acid-mediated solvent-free synthesis. The synthesis was designed to ensure few waste materials. Using this approach, the process shows a low E-factor and a high reaction mass efficiency. The new process involves the preparation of a reaction mixture containing either a fatty acid or fatty material, glycerol or diol, a halide salt and H3PO4. This mixture is heated at 100 °C for 48 h, yielding up to 88% of halohydrin ester. The process also allows recovery of pyrophosphate salts, compounds that have various applications in agriculture, and in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
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RSC Advances, 2013, vol. 3, núm. 23, p. 8805-8810