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    • Upside-down fluxes Down Under: CO2 net sink in winter and net source in summer in a temperate evergreen broadleaf forest 

      Renchon, Alexandre A.; Griebel, Anne; Metzen, Daniel; Williams, Christopher A.; Medlyn, Belinda E.; Duursma, Remko A.; Barton, Craig V. M.; Maier, Chelsea; Boer, Matthias M.; Isaac, Peter; Tissue, David T.; Resco de Dios, Víctor; Pendall, Elise (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2018)
      Predicting the seasonal dynamics of ecosystem carbon fluxes is challenging in broadleaved evergreen forests because of their moderate climates and subtle changes in canopy phenology. We assessed the climatic and biotic ...