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    • Carbon uptake and water use in woodlands and forests in southern Australia during an extreme heat wave event in the “Angry Summer” of 2012/2013 

      van Gorsel, Eva; Wolf, Sebastian; James Cleverly, James; Isaac, Peter; Haverd, Vanessa; Ewenz, Cacilia; Arndt, Stefan K.; Beringer, Jason; Resco de Dios, Víctor; Evans, Bradley; Griebel, Anne; Hutley, Lindsay B.; Keenan, Trevor; Kljun, Natascha; Macfarlane, Craig; Meyer, Wayne; McHugh, Ian; Pendall, Elise; Prober, Suzanne M.; Silberstein, Richard (Copernicus Publications, 2016)
      As a result of climate change warmer temperatures are projected through the 21st century and are already increasing above modelled predictions. Apart from increases in the mean, warm/hot temperature extremes are expected ...