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    • Comparative Performance of High-Yielding European Wheat Cultivars Under Contrasting Mediterranean Conditions 

      Lima, Valter Jario de; Gracia-Romero, Adrian; Zahra Rezzouk, Fatima; Diez Fraile, Maria Carmen; Araus Gonzalez, Ismael; Kamphorst, Samuel Henrique; Teixeira do Amaral Júnior, Antonio; Kefauver, Shawn C.; Aparicio, Nieves; Araus Ortega, José Luis (Frontiers Media, 2021)
      Understanding the interaction between genotype performance and the target environment is the key to improving genetic gain, particularly in the context of climate change. Wheat production is seriously compromised in ...
    • Comparison of Selection Traits for Effective Popcorn (Zea mays L. var. Everta) Breeding Under Water Limiting Conditions 

      Kamphorst, Samuel Henrique; Amaral Júnior, Antônio Teixeira do; de Lima, Valter Jário; Santos, Pedro Henrique Araújo Diniz; Rodrigues, Weverton Pereira; Vivas, Janieli Maganha Silva; Gonçalves, Gabriel Moreno Bernardo; Schmitt, Katia Fabiane Medeiros; Leite, Jhean Torres; Vivas, Marcelo; Mora-Poblete, Freddy; Vergara-Diaz, Omar; Araus Ortega, José Luis; Ramalho, José Cochicho; Campostrini, Eliemar (Frontiers Media, 2020-08-27)
      Climate change is expected to intensify water restriction to crops, impacting on the yield potential of crops such as popcorn. This work aimed to evaluate the performance of 10 field cultivated popcorn inbred lines during ...