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    • Transdisciplinary weed research: new leverage on challenging weed problems? 

      Jordan, N.; Shut, M.; Graham, S.; Barney, J. N.; Childs, D. Z.; Christensen, S; Cousens, R. D.; Davis, A. S.; Eizenberg, H.; Ervin, D. E.; Fernandez Quintanilla, C.; Harrison, L. J.; Harsch, M. A.; Haijting, S.; Liebman, M.; Loddo, D.; Mirsky, S. B.; Riemens, M.; Neve, P.; Peltzer, D. A.; Renton, M.; Williams, M.; Recasens i Guinjuan, Jordi; Sonderskov, M. (Wiley, 2016)
      Transdisciplinary weed research (TWR) is a promising path to more effective management of challenging weed problems. We define TWR as an integrated process of inquiry and action that addresses complex weed problems in the ...