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    • Burnout and job satisfaction among nurses in three Spanish regions 

      Acea-López, Lorena; Pastor-Bravo, María del Mar; Rubinat, Esther; Bellon, Filip; Blanco Blanco, Joan; Gea Sánchez, Montserrat; Briones Vozmediano, Erica Tula (Wiley, 2021-05-15)
      Aims: To determine the levels of job satisfaction and burnout syndrome and related factors among nurses in three Spanish regions. Background: The nursing profession involves high work stress due to emotional involvement, ...
    • Carbon isotope composition of fossil charcoal reveals aridity changes in the NW Mediterranean Basin 

      Ferrio Díaz, Juan Pedro; Alonso, Natàlia; López, Joan (López i Melcion); Araus Ortega, José Luis; Voltas Velasco, Jordi (Blackwell Publishing, 2006)
      Although several proxies for the inference of precipitation have been proposed, evidence of changes in aridity during the Holocene is scarce, and most is only qualitative. Moreover, precipitation regimes show relatively ...
    • The resistance of nurses to austerity measures in the health sector during the financial crisis in Spain 

      Gea Sánchez, Montserrat; Briones Vozmediano, Erica Tula; Legido-Quigley, Helena; Muntaner, Carles; Rocaspana-Garcia, Mariona; Blanco Blanco, Joan (Elsevier, 2020)
      Objective: This study explores nurses' perspectives on how the financial crisis and austerity measures introduced in the Spanish Health System affected their ability to provide care in these new circumstances. Method: ...