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dc.contributorWorking Group for the Study of Outbreaks of Acute Gastroenteritis in Catalonia
dc.contributor.authorNavas, Encarna
dc.contributor.authorTorner Gràcia, Núria
dc.contributor.authorBroner, Sonia
dc.contributor.authorGodoy i García, Pere
dc.contributor.authorMartínez, Anna
dc.contributor.authorBartolomé, Rosa
dc.contributor.authorDomínguez García, Àngela
dc.description.abstractBackground: To determine the direct and indirect costs of outbreaks of acute viral gastroenteritis (AVG) due to norovirus in closed institutions (hospitals, social health centers or nursing homes) and the community in Catalonia in 2010–11. Methods: Information on outbreaks were gathered from the reports made by epidemiological surveillance units. Direct costs (medical visits, hospital stays, drug treatment, sample processing, transport, diagnostic tests, monitoring and control of the outbreaks investigated) and indirect costs (lost productivity due to work absenteeism, caregivers time and working hours lost due to medical visits) were calculated. Results: Twenty-seven outbreaks affecting 816 people in closed institutions and 74 outbreaks affecting 1,940 people in the community were detected. The direct and indirect costs of outbreaks were € 131,997.36 (€ 4,888.79 per outbreak) in closed institutions and € 260,557.16 (€ 3,521.04 per outbreak) in community outbreaks. The cost per case was € 161.76 in outbreaks in closed institutions and € 134.31 in community outbreaks. The main costs were surveillance unit monitoring (€ 116,652.93), laboratory diagnoses (€ 119,950.95), transport of samples (€ 69,970.90), medical visits (€ 25,250.50) and hospitalization (€ 13,400.00). Conclusions: The cost of outbreaks of acute viral gastroenteritis due to norovirus obtained in this study was influenced by the number of people affected and the severity of the outbreak, which determined hospitalizations and work absenteeism. Urgent reporting of outbreaks would allow the implementation of control measures that could reduce the numbers affected and the duration of the illness and thus the costs derived from them.ca_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was supported by the National Plan of I+D+I 2008-2011 and ISCIII-Subdirección General de Evaluación y Fomento de la Investigación [Project PI12/02079] and cofounded by FEDER, and the Catalan Agency for the Management of Grants for University Research [AGAUR Grant number 2014/ SGR 1403].ca_ES
dc.publisherBioMed Centralca_ES
dc.relation.isformatofReproducció del document publicat a
dc.relation.ispartofBMC Public Health, 2015, vol. 15, núm. 1, p.999ca_ES
dc.rightscc-by (c) Navas, Encarna et al., 2015ca_ES
dc.titleEconomic costs of outbreaks of acute viral gastroenteritis due to norovirus in Catalonia (Spain), 2010–2011ca_ES

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cc-by (c) Navas, Encarna et al., 2015
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as cc-by (c) Navas, Encarna et al., 2015