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    • Accions ofensives a pilota parada en el futbol 

      Fernández Hermógenes, Daniel; Camerino Foguet, Oleguer; García de Alcaraz, Antonio (INEFC, 2017)
      L’objectiu d’aquest estudi va ser analitzar i comparar la realització de les principals accions ofensives a pilota parada (APP) –penal, córner, faltes frontals i faltes laterals– entre les dues màximes divisions del ...
    • The Sequencing of Game Complexes in Women’s Volleyball 

      Hileno González, Raúl; Arasanz, Marta; García de Alcaraz, Antonio (Frontiers Media, 2020)
      In volleyball, each team must use no more than three hits to return the ball to the opponent’s court. This unique aspect of volleyball means that playing actions can be grouped into different complexes, mainly based on the ...
    • What are the Most Widely Used and Effective Attack Coverage Systems in Men’s Volleyball? 

      Hileno González, Raúl; García de Alcaraz, Antonio; Buscà, Bernat; Salas, Cristòfol; Camerino Foguet, Oleguer (Sciendo, 2018)
      In volleyball, attack coverage is one of the play actions most neglected in coaching and research. The purpose of this study was to find out which attack coverage systems are used by high-level men’s teams in different ...