Cold-storage potential of four yelow-fleshed peach cultivars defined by their compounds emissions, standard quality parameters, and consumer acceptance.

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Cano-Salazar, J.
Echeverría Cortada, GemmaEcheverría Cortada, Gemma - ORCID ID
Crisosto, Carlos H.
López Fructuoso, Mª LuisaLópez Fructuoso, Mª Luisa - ORCID ID
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'Early Rich', 'Royal Glory', 'Sweet Dream(cov)', and 'Elegant Lady' peaches were stored at -0.5 °C for up to 40 days and then subjected to ripening at 20 °C for up to 3 days. Firmness, soluble solids content (SSC), titratable acidity (TA), color, consumer acceptance, and volatile compounds were then determined. The observed physicochemical changes included a significant decrease in firmness during both storage and commercialization periods. In contrast, the SSC, TA, and color remained constant during storage. Ten days of cold storage produced the highest total volatile emissions and the greatest consumer acceptance for 'Elegant Lady' and 'Sweet Dream(cov)', whereas similar results were obtained after 40 and 20 days for 'Royal Glory' and 'Early Rich', respectively. Volatile compounds that most consistently exhibited a positive correlation with consumer acceptance were dependent on the cultivar.
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Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2011, núm. 60, p. 1266-1282