A simple nonlinear model for estimating obturator foramen area in young bovines

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Parés Casanova, Pere-MiquelParés Casanova, Pere-Miquel - ORCID ID
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The aim of this study was to produce a simple and inexpensive technique for estimating the obturator foramen area (OFA) from young calves based on the hypothesis that OFA can be extrapolated from simple linear measurements. Three linear measurements - dorsoventral height, craneocaudal width and total perimeter of obturator foramen - were obtained from 55 bovine hemicoxae. Different algorithms for determining OFA were then produced with a regression analysis (curve fitting) and statistical analysis software. The most simple equation was OFA (mm2) = [3,150.538 + (36.111*CW)] − [147,856.033/DH] (where CW = craneocaudal width and DH = dorsoventral height, both in mm), representing a good nonlinear model with a standard deviation of error for the estimate of 232.44 and a coefficient of multiple determination of 0.846. This formula may be helpful as a repeatable and easily performed estimation of the obturator foramen area in young bovines. The area of the obturator foramen magnum can thus be estimated using this regression formula.
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Korean Journal of Veterinary Research, 2013, vol. 53, num. 2, p. 1-4