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    • Analysis of tourism in Catalonia using Twitter data 

      Pascual Badia, Josep (2018-09)
      This scientific paper is about analyzing the tourism in Catalonia with Twitter data.It details how to achieve a valid data analysis using building software and the validation of the data obtained through this software and ...
    • Cálculo de la librería en hadoop y su integración en T_Coffee 

      Ujaque Perez, Oscar (2017-09)
      En este trabajo se va a investigar sobre una herramienta MSA denominada T_Coffee ( Tree-based Consistency Objective Function For alignment Evaluation ), que ha sido desarrollada en el Centro de Regulación Genómica (CRG) ...
    • Deduplication of Universitat de Lleida scholarly data 

      Berga Gatius, Albert (2017-07)
      In this project we have used data science tools and techniques to detect duplicated data in GREC repository, which contains information about the articles published by University of Lleida staff. We have used Locality-sensitive ...
    • Design and implementation BLAST tool big data 

      Romeu Farré, Carolina (2019-09)
      Use big data technology to implement the algorithm BLAST uses to align genetic sequences that need to process large amounts of data and connect to save the data with a NoSQL database (Apache Cassandra).
    • Design and implementation of an Algorithm for an Author Disambiguation problem 

      Echeverria Rovira, Lluís (2017-09)
      Person name disambiguation is basic to distinguish persons that share the same name where unique identifiers are not defined. This problem is common in many domains, including digital libraries or data bases with ...
    • Design and implementation of an architecture to assist decision making in livestock 4.0 

      Castells Gasia, Joan Pau (2021-07)
      A wide variety of low-cost sensors that describe different environmental variables are currently available for all sectors. However, more value can be derived from these data by combining it with models and other sources ...
    • Prediction of the User’s political trends with Twitter: SilvereyeTool 

      Solé Farré, Marc (2017-04)
      Amb aquest projecte s'han desenvolupat dues estratègies per analitzar la tendència política dels usuaris de Twitter. La primera d'elles es basa amb l'anàlisi dels sentiments dels tweets mentre que la segona es basa amb les ...