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    • Clinical evolution of elderly adults with ischemic stroke 

      Vena Martínez, Ana Belén; Cambray Carner, Serafí; Quilez Martínez, Alejandro; Molina Seguin, Jessica; Colàs Campàs, Laura; Sanahuja Montesinos, Jordi; González Mingot, Cristina; Purroy Garcia, Francisco; Benabdelhak Abbou, Ikram; Mauri-Capdevila, Gerard; Gil-Villar, María Pilar (Wiley, 2016)
    • Fear of falling in community-dwelling older adults: A cause of falls, a consequence, or both? 

      Lavedán, Ana; Viladrosa, Maria; Jürschik, Pilar; Botigué, Teresa; Nuin Orrio, Carmen; Masot, Olga; Lavedán, Raquel (Public Library of Science, 2018-03-29)
      Background: Despite the number of studies that have tried to demonstrate that there is an association between previous falls and the fear of falling, the relationship between these two variables remains a matter of ...
    • Fluid Intake Recommendation Considering the Physiological Adaptations of Adults Over 65 Years: A Critical Review 

      Masot, Olga; Miranda Iglesias, Jessica; Lavedán, Ana; Paraiso Pueyo, Elena; Pascual, Alexandra; Botigué, Teresa (MDPI, 2020-11-04)
      The aim of this critical review was to clarify recommended fluid intake for older people. A literature search of published articles and guidelines on fluid intake recommendations until April 2020 was carried out using ...