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    • Induced neuroprotection by remote ischemic perconditioning as a new paradigm in ischemic stroke at the acute phase, a systematic review 

      Purroy Garcia, Francisco; García, Cristina; Mauri-Capdevila, Gerard; Pereira, Cristina; Torres-Querol, Coral; Vazquez-Justes, Daniel; Vicente-Pascual, Mikel; Vena Martínez, Ana Belén; Arque, Gloria (BMC, 2020)
      Background: Remote ischemic conditioning during cerebral ischemia (remote ischemic perconditioning, RIPerC) refers to the application of several cycles of brief ischemia and reperfusion (I/R) commonly to a limb, and it ...
    • REMOTE ischemic perconditioning among acute ischemic stroke patients in Catalonia: REMOTE-CAT PROJECT 

      Purroy Garcia, Francisco; Arque, Gloria; Mauri-Capdevila, Gerard; García-Vázquez, Cristina; Vicente-Pascual, Mikel; Pereira, Cristina; Vazquez-Justes, Daniel; Torres-Querol, Coral; Vena Martínez, Ana Belén; Abilleira, Sònia; Cardona, Pere; Forné Izquierdo, Carles; Jiménez-Fàbrega, Xavier; Pagola, Jorge; Portero Otín, Manuel; Rodríguez-Campello, Ana; Rovira, Àlex; Fàbregas, Joan Martí (Frontiers Media, 2020)
      Rationale: Remote ischemic perconditioning during cerebral ischemia (RIPerC) refers to the application of brief episodes of transient limb ischemia commonly to a limb, it represents a new safe, simple and low-cost paradigm ...