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    • Tobacco Smoking and Second-Hand Smoke Exposure Impact on Tuberculosis in Children 

      Altet, Neus; Latorre, Irene; Jiménez-Fuentes, María Ángeles; Soriano Arandes, Antoni; Villar-Hernández, Raquel; Milà, Celia; Rodríguez Fernández, Pablo; Muriel Moreno, Beatriz; Comella-Del-Barrio, Patricia; Godoy i García, Pere; Millet, Joan Pau; de Souza-Galvão, Maria Luiza; Jiménez-Ruiz, Carlos A.; Domínguez, Jose (MDPI, 2022)
      Little is known about whether second-hand smoke (SHS) exposure affects tuberculosis (TB). Here, we investigate the association of cigarette smoke exposure with active TB and latent TB infection (LTBI) in children, analyzing ...
    • Toxicological Evaluations in Macrophages and Mice Acutely and Chronically Exposed to Halloysite Clay Nanotubes Functionalized with Polystyrene 

      Toledano Magaña, Yanis; Flores-Santos, Leticia; Montes de Oca, Georgina; González Montiel, Alfonso; García Ramos, Juan Carlos; Mora Giral, Concepció; Saavedra Ávila, Noemí Alejandra; Gudiño Zayas, Marco; González Ramírez, Luisa Carolina; Laclette, Juan P.; Carrero, Julio C. (American Chemical Society, 2021-10-27)
      Halloysite clay nanotubes (HNTs) have been proposed as highly biocompatible for several biomedical applications. Various polymers have been used to functionalize HNTs, but scarce information exists about polystyrene for ...