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    • Calcium channel expression and applicability as targeted therapies in melanoma 

      Macià Armengol, Anna; Herreros Danés, Judit; Martí Laborda, Rosa Ma.; Cantí Nicolás, Carles (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2015)
      The remodeling of Ca2+ signaling is a common finding in cancer pathophysiology serving the purpose of facilitating proliferation, migration, or survival of cancer cells subjected to stressful conditions. One particular ...
    • Targeting T-type channels in cancer: what is on and what is off? 

      Visa Pretel, Anna; Alza, Lía; Casas Benito, Adrian; Herreros Danés, Judit; Cantí Nicolás, Carles (Elsevier, 2021-11-25)
      Over the last 20 years several studies have demonstrated a pivotal role of T‐type calcium channels (TTCCs) in tumor progression. Cytotoxic effects of TTCC pharmacological blockers have been reported in vitro and in preclinical ...