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    • Cardiovascular risk factors and the impact on prognosis in patients with chronic kidney disease secondary to autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease 

      Gorriz, Jose L.; Arroyo, David; D’Marco, Luis; Torra, Roser; Tomás, Patricia; Puchades, María Jesús; Panizo, Nayara; Pantoja, Jonay; Montomoli, Marco; Llisterri, José Luis; Pallares Carratalá, Vicente; Valdivielso Revilla, José Manuel (BMC, 2021)
      Background: Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is the most frequent hereditary renal disease. There is an increased rate of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in ADPKD. In this study, we evaluate the prevalence ...
    • Fabry nephropathy: an evidence-based narrative review 

      Pino, María Dolores del; Andrés, Amado; Ávila Bernabéu, Ana; Juan-Rivera, Joaquín de; Fernández i Giráldez, Elvira; García Díaz, Juan de Dios; Hernández, Domingo; Luño, José; Martínez Fernández, Isabel; Paniagua, José; Torra, Roser; Torras Ambros, Joan; Vidau, Pedro; Torregrosa, José Vicente (Karger Publishers Open Access, 2018)
      Fabry disease (FD) is a rare, X-linked disorder caused by mutations in the GLA gene encoding the enzyme α-galactosidase A. Complete or partial deficiency in this enzyme leads to intracellular accumulation of globotriaosylceramide ...
    • Factors associated to duration of hepatitis A outbreaks: implications for control 

      Torner Gràcia, Núria; Broner, Sonia; Martínez, Ana; Tortajada, Cecilia; Garcia de Olalla, Patricia; Barrabeig i Fabregat, Irene; Sala, Maria Rosa; Camps, Neus; Minguell, Sofia; Álvarez, Josep; Ferrús, Gloria; Torra, Roser; Godoy i García, Pere; Domínguez García, Àngela (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Even though hepatitis A mass vaccination effectiveness is high, outbreaks continue to occur. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between duration and characteristics of hepatitis A outbreaks. Hepatitis ...