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    • Dynamics of Anthropometric Indices in a Large Paired Cohort With 10 Years of Follow-Up: Paving the Way to Sarcopenic Obesity 

      Santos, María Dolores; Buti, Miquel; López Cano, Carolina; Sánchez Peña, Enric; Vidal, Antonieta; Hernández García, Marta; Lafarga Giribets, Antonia; Gutiérrez Carrasquilla, Liliana; Rius, Ferran; Bueno Díez, Marta; Lecube Torelló, Albert (Frontiers Media, 2020)
      Introduction: Paired cohort investigations assessing the evolution of anthropometric indices are scarce. Here we assessed the 10-year evolution of BMI, total body fat, and lean body mass in 50,019 participants aged 18–90 ...