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    • Regional Activation of Myosin II in Cancer Cells Drives Tumor Progression via a Secretory Cross-Talk with the Immune Microenvironment 

      Georgouli, Mirella; Herraiz, Cecilia; Crosas-Molist, Eva; Fanshawe, Bruce; Maiques Carlos, Oscar; Perdrix, Anna; Pandya, Pahini; Rodríguez Hernández, Irene; Ilieva, Kristina M.; Cantelli, Gaia; Karagiannis, Panagiotis; Mele, Silvia; Lam, Hoyin; Josephs, Debra H.; Matias-Guiu, Xavier; Martí Laborda, Rosa Ma.; Nestle, Frank O.; Orgaz, Jose L.; Malanchi, Ilaria; Fruhwirth, Gilbert O.; Karagiannis, Sophia N.; Sanz Moreno, Victoria (Elsevier, 2019)
      ROCK-Myosin II drives fast rounded-amoeboid migration in cancer cells during metastatic dissemination. Analysis of human melanoma biopsies revealed that amoeboid melanoma cells with high Myosin II activity are predominant ...
    • TGF-β-Induced transcription sustains amoeboid melanoma migration and dissemination 

      Cantelli, Gaia; Orgaz, Jose L.; Rodríguez Hernández, Irene; Karagiannis, Panagiotis; Maiques Carlos, Oscar; Matias-Guiu, Xavier; Nestle, Frank O.; Martí Laborda, Rosa Ma.; Karagiannis, Sophia N.; Sanz Moreno, Victoria (Elsevier, 2015)
      Cell migration underlies metastatic dissemination of cancer cells, and fast “amoeboid” migration in the invasive fronts of tumors is controlled by high levels of actomyosin contractility. How amoeboid migration is regulated ...
    • WNT11-FZD7-DAAM1 signalling supports tumour initiating abilities and melanoma amoeboid invasion 

      Rodriguez-Hernandez, Irene; Maiques Carlos, Oscar; Kohlhammer, Leonie; Cantelli, Gaia; Perdrix-Rosell, Anna; Monger, Joanne; Fanshawe, Bruce; Bridgeman, Victoria L.; Karagiannis, Sophia N.; Penin, Rosa M.; Marcolval, Joaquim; Martí Laborda, Rosa Ma.; Matias-Guiu, Xavier; Fruhwirth, Gilbert O.; Orgaz, Jose L.; Malanchi, Ilaria; Sanz Moreno, Victoria (Nature Research, 2020)
      Melanoma is a highly aggressive tumour that can metastasize very early in disease progression. Notably, melanoma can disseminate using amoeboid invasive strategies. We show here that high Myosin II activity, high levels ...