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    • Chloroplast monothiol glutaredoxins as scaffold proteins for the assembly and delivery of [2Fe–2S] clusters 

      Bandyopadhyay, Sibali; Gama, Filipe; Molina Navarro, Maria Micaela; Gualberto, José Manuel; Claxton, Ronald; Huynh, Boi Hanh; Herrero Perpiñán, Enrique; Jacquot, Jean Pierre; Johnson, Michael K.; Naik, Sunil G.; Rouhier, Nicolas (EMBO Press, 2008)
      Glutaredoxins (Grxs) are small oxidoreductases that reduce disulphide bonds or protein-glutathione mixed disulphides. More than 30 distinct grx genes are expressed in higher plants, but little is currently known ...
    • Transcriptomic responses of Phanerochaete chrysosporium to oak acetonic extracts: focus on a new glutathione transferase. 

      Thuillier, Anne; Chibani, Kamel; Bellí i Martínez, Gemma; Herrero Perpiñán, Enrique; Dumarçay, Stéphane; Gérardin, Philippe; Kohler, Annegret; Deroy, Aurélie; Dhalleine, Tiphaine; Bchini, Raphael; Jacquot, Jean Pierre; Gelhaye, Eric; Morel-Rouhier, Mélanie (American Society for Microbiology, 2014)
      The first steps of wood degradation by fungi lead to the release of toxic compounds known as extractives. To better understand how lignolytic fungi cope with the toxicity of these molecules, a transcriptomic analysis of ...