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    • DNA activates the Nse2/Mms21 SUMO E3 ligase in the Smc5/6 complex 

      Varejao, Nathalia; Ibars Estiarte, Eva Irene; Lascorz, Jara; Colomina i Gabarrella, Neus; Torres Rosell, Jordi; Reverter Cendrós, David (EMBO Press, 2018-06-15)
      Modification of chromosomal proteins by conjugation to SUMO is a key step to cope with DNA damage and to maintain the integrity of the genome. The recruitment of SUMO E3 ligases to chromatin may represent one layer of ...
    • Sumoylation of Smc5 Promotes Error-free Bypass at Damaged Replication Forks 

      Zapatka, Mariel; Pociño Merino, Irene; Heluani-Gahete, Hayat; Bermúdez López, Marcelino; Tarrés, Marc; Ibars Estiarte, Eva Irene; Solé-Soler, Roger; Gutiérrez-Escribano, Pilar; Apostolova, Sonia; Casas Herranz, Celia; Aragon, Luis; Wellinger, Ralf Erik; Colomina i Gabarrella, Neus; Torres Rosell, Jordi (Elsevier, 2019)
      Replication of a damaged DNA template can threaten the integrity of the genome, requiring the use of various mechanisms to tolerate DNA lesions. The Smc5/6 complex, together with the Nse2/Mms21 SUMO ligase, plays essential ...