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    • FRAX tool, the WHO algorithm to predict osteoporotic fractures: the first analysis of its discriminative and predictive ability in the Spanish FRIDEX cohort 

      Azagra, Rafael; Roca, Genís; Encabo, Gloria; Aguyé, Amada; Zwart, Marta; Güell, Sílvia; Puchol, Núria; Gene, Emili; Casado, Enrique; Sancho, Pilar; Solà, Silvia; Torán, Pere; Iglesias, Milagros; Gisbert, Maria Carmen; López-Expósito, Francesc; Pujol Salud, Jesús; Fernandez-Hermida, Yolanda; Puente, Ana; Rosàs, Mireia; Bou, Vicente; Antón, Juan José; Lansdberg, Gustavo; Martín-Sánchez, Juan Carlos; Díez-Pérez, Adolf; Prieto-Alhambra, Daniel (BioMed Central, 2012)
      Background: The WHO has recently published the FRAX tool to determine the absolute risk of osteoporotic fracture at 10 years. This tool has not yet been validated in Spain. Methods/design: A prospective observational ...
    • Measuring health-related quality of life in men with osteoporosis or osteoporotic fracture 

      Zwart, Marta; Azagra, Rafael; Encabo, Gloria; Aguyé, Amada; Roca, Genís; Güell, Sílvia; Puchol, Núria; Gene, Emili; López-Expósito, Francesc; Solà, Silvia; Ortiz, Sergio; Sancho, Pilar; Abado, Liz; Iglesias, Milagros; Pujol Salud, Jesús; Díez-Pérez, Adolf (BioMed Central, 2011)
      Background: Osteoporosis is a serious health problem that worsens the quality of life and the survival rate of individuals with this disease on account the osteoporotic fractures. Studies have long focused on women, and ...