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    • Bronchial Aspirate-Based Profiling Identifies MicroRNA Signatures Associated With COVID-19 and Fatal Disease in Critically Ill Patients 

      Molinero, Marta; Benítez, Iván; González, Jessica; Gort Paniello, Clara; Moncusí Moix, Anna; Rodríguez Jara, Fátima; García Hidalgo, María C.; Torres, Gerard; Vengoechea Aragoncillo, José Javier; Gómez Falguera, Silvia; Cabo Gambín, Ramón; Caballero, Jesús; Bermejo Martin, Jesús F.; Ceccato, Adrián; Fernández Barat, Laia; Ferrer, Ricard; García Gasulla, Dario; Menéndez, Rosario; Motos, Anna; Peñuelas, Oscar; Riera, Jordi; Torres, Antoni; Barbé Illa, Ferran; de Gonzalo Calvo, David (Frontiers Media, 2022)
      Background: The pathophysiology of COVID-19-related critical illness is not completely understood. Here, we analyzed the microRNA (miRNA) profile of bronchial aspirate (BAS) samples from COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients ...
    • Clinical management and outcome differences between first and second waves among COVID-19 hospitalized patients: A regional prospective observational cohort 

      Zuil, María; Benítez, Iván; Cabo Gambín, Ramón; Manzano Senra, Carlos; Moncusí Moix, Anna; Gort Paniello, Clara; de Gonzalo Calvo, David; Molinero, Marta; Vengoechea Aragoncillo, José Javier; Comella, Thais; Batlle Garcia, Jordi de; Torres, Gerard; Torres, Antoni; Barbé Illa, Ferran; González, Jessica (Public Library of Science, 2021)
      The objective was to describe the clinical characteristics and outcomes of hospitalized COVID-19 patients during the two different epidemic periods. Prospective, observational, cohort study of hospitalized COVID-19. A total ...
    • Impact of time to intubation on mortality and pulmonary sequelae in critically ill patients with COVID-19: a prospective cohort study 

      González, Jessica; Benítez, Iván; de Gonzalo Calvo, David; Torres, Gerard; Batlle Garcia, Jordi de; Gómez Falguera, Silvia; Moncusí Moix, Anna; Carmona, Paola; Santisteve, Sally; Monge Esqué, Aida; Gort Paniello, Clara; Zuil, María; Cabo Gambín, Ramón; Manzano Senra, Carlos; Vengoechea Aragoncillo, José Javier; Vaca, Rafaela; Minguez Roure, Olga; Aguilar, María; Ferrer, Ricard; Ceccato, Adrián; Fernández Barat, Laia; Motos, Anna; Riera, Jordi; Menéndez, Rosario; García Gasulla, Dario; Peñuelas, Oscar; Labarca, Gonzalo; Caballero, Jesús; Barberà, Carme; Torres, Antoni; Barbé Illa, Ferran (BCM, 2022)
      Question: We evaluated whether the time between first respiratory support and intubation of patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) due to COVID-19 was associated with mortality or pulmonary sequelae. Materials ...