Representació de grans escenes urbanes emprant jerarquies d'impostors en relleu

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Cerveró Abelló, M. Àngels
Ojeda Contreras, JesúsOjeda Contreras, Jesús - ORCID ID
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Universitat de Lleida. Escola Politècnica Superior
Ansótegui Gil, Carlos JoséAnsótegui Gil, Carlos José - ORCID ID
Brunet i Crosa, Pere X.
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Relief Mapping is giving great results for the creation of 3D impostor models. An impostor model is a simplication of an original geometric model that is used to replace it. Then, the original volume can be reproduced in a high quality representation with very few artifacts or cracks and a high compactness. We have studied the state of the art on Relief Impostors and some current techniques related to them. In particular, we have implemented the Omni-directional Relief Impostors (ORI) technique and its hierarchical extension (HORI), througn the usage of spatial partition methods. We expose an alternative to the spatial distribution and selection of the impostors. Furthermore, we show a different computation for the rendering view distance in order to guarantee a minimal quality for the simplified representation. Finally, we discuss the obtained results and propose some new ideas or approaches to enhance the efficiency and quality of the final rendering using ORIs' and HORIs' techniques. In addition, our implementation has involved a software engineering study in the Open Source field.
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