Building a usable and accessible semantic web interaction platform

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García González, RobertoGarcía González, Roberto - ORCID ID
Gimeno Illa, Juan ManuelGimeno Illa, Juan Manuel - ORCID ID
Perdrix Sapiña, Ferran
Gil Iranzo, Rosa MaríaGil Iranzo, Rosa María - ORCID ID
Oliva Solé, MartaOliva Solé, Marta - ORCID ID
López, Juan Miguel
Pascual Almenara, AfraPascual Almenara, Afra - ORCID ID
Sendín Veloso, MontserratSendín Veloso, Montserrat - ORCID ID
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Semantic Web applications take off is being slower than expected, at least with respect to “real-world” applications and users. One of the main reasons for this lack of adoption is that most Semantic Web user interfaces are still immature from the usability and accessibility points of view. This is due to the novelty of these technologies, but this also motivates the exploration of alternative interaction paradigms, different from the “traditional” Web or Desktop applications ones. Our proposal is realized in the Rhizomer platform, which explores the possibilities of the object–action interaction paradigm at the Web scale. This paradigm is well suited for heterogeneous resource spaces such as those common in the Semantic Web. Resources, described by metadata, correspond to the objects in the paradigm. Semantic web services, which are dynamically associated to these objects, correspond to the actions. The platform is being put into practice in the context of a research project in order to build an open application for media distribution based on Semantic Web technologies. Moreover, its usability and accessibility have been evaluated in this real setting and compared to similar systems.
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World Wide Web, 2010, vol. 13, núm. 1-2, p. 143-167