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    • Berry-enriched diet in salt-sensitive hypertensive rats: metabolic fate of (poly)phenols and the role of gut microbiota 

      Gomes, Andreia; Oudot, Carole; Macià i Puig, Ma Alba; Foito, Alexandre; Carregosa, Diogo; Stewart, Derek; Wiele, Tom van de; Berry, David; Motilva Casado, Mª José; Brenner, Catherine; Nunes dos Santos, Cláudia (MDPI, 2019-11-03)
      Diets rich in (poly)phenols are associated with a reduced reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disorders. While the absorption and metabolism of (poly)phenols has been described, it is not clear how their metabolic ...
    • The effects and associations of whole-apple intake on diverse cardiovascular risk factors. A narrative review 

      Sandoval-Ramírez, Berner Andrée; Catalán Santos, Úrsula; Calderón-Pérez, Lorena; Companys, Judit; Pla-Pagà, Laura; Ludwig, Iziar A.; Romero Fabregat, Mª Paz; Solà, Rosa (Taylor & Francis Group, 2020-01-13)
      Apples are among the world’s most consumed fruits. However, while the impact of whole-apple intake on cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains unknown. This narrative review summarizes a novel integrated view of whole-apple ...