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    • Preliminary survey of the occurrence of mycotoxins in cereals and estimated exposure in a northwestern region of Mexico 

      Molina-Pintor, I. B.; Ruíz-Arias, M. A.; Guerrero-Flores, M. C.; Rojas-García, A. E.; Barrón-Vivanco, Briscia S.; Medina-Díaz, Irma M.; Bernal-Hernández, Y. Y.; Ortega-Cervantes, L.; Rodríguez-Cervantes, C. H.; Ramos Girona, Antonio J.; Sanchís Almenar, Vicente; Marín Sillué, Sònia; González Arias, Cyndia A. (Taylor and Francis, 2021-08-04)
      Mycotoxins have several toxicological implications. In the present study, we evaluate the presence of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), ochratoxin A (OTA), and fumonisin (FB1) in paddy rice, polished rice, and maize from the fields and ...