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    • Antimicrobial activity of nanoemulsions containing essential oils and high methoxyl pectin during long-term storage 

      Guerra-Rosas, María Inés; Morales-Castro, Juliana; Cubero Márquez, Miguel Angel; Salvia Trujillo, Laura; Martín Belloso, Olga (Elsevier, 2017)
      The antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli and Listeria innocua of nanoemulsions containing oregano, thyme, lemongrass or mandarin essential oils and high methoxyl pectin was assessed during a long-term storage ...
    • Processing, valorization and application of bio-waste derived compounds from potato, tomato, olive and cereals: a review 

      Fritsch, Caroline; Staebler, Andreas; Happel, Anton; Cubero Márquez, Miguel Angel; Aguiló-Aguayo, Ingrid; Abadias i Sero, Mª Isabel; Gallur, Miriam; Cigognini, Ilaria Maria; Montanari, Angela; López, Maria Jose; Suárez-Estrella, Francisca; Brunton, Nigel; Luengo, Elisa; Sisti, Laura; Ferri, Maura; Belotti, Gianluca (MDPI, 2017)
      The vast and ever-growing amount of agricultural and food wastes has become a major concern throughout the whole world. Therefore, strategies for their processing and value-added reuse are needed to enable a sustainable ...