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    • Gut metagenomic and short chain fatty acids signature in hypertension: a cross-sectional study 

      Calderón-Pérez, Lorena; Gosalbes, Maria José; Yuste, Silvia; Valls, Rosa M.; Pedret, Anna; Llauradó, Elisabet; Jimenez-Hernandez, Núria; Artacho, Alejandro; Pla-Pagà, Laura; Companys, Judit; Ludwig, Iziar A.; Romero Fabregat, Mª Paz; Rubió Piqué, Laura; Solà, Rosa (Springer Nature, 2020-04-15)
      Hypertension is an independent and preventable risk factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases, however, little is known about the impact of gut microbiota composition in its development. We carried out comprehensive ...
    • The effects and associations of whole-apple intake on diverse cardiovascular risk factors. A narrative review 

      Sandoval-Ramírez, Berner Andrée; Catalan, Ursula; Calderón-Pérez, Lorena; Companys, Judit; Pla-Pagà, Laura; Ludwig, Iziar A.; Romero Fabregat, Mª Paz; Solà, Rosa (Taylor & Francis Group, 2020-01-13)
      Apples are among the world’s most consumed fruits. However, while the impact of whole-apple intake on cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains unknown. This narrative review summarizes a novel integrated view of whole-apple ...