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    • Emerging threats linking tropical deforestation and the COVID-19 pandemic 

      Brancalion, Pedro H. S.; Broadbent, Eben N.; Miguel Magaña, Sergio de; Cardil Forradellas, Adrián; Rosa, Marcos M.; Almeida, Catherine T.; Almeida, Danilo R. A.; Chakravarty, Shourish; Zhou, Mo; Gamarra, Javier G. P.; Liang, Jingjing; Crouzeilles, Renato; Hérault, Bruno; Aragão, Luiz E. O. C.; Silva, Carlos Alberto; Almeyda Zambrano, Angelica M. (Associação Brasileira de Ciência Ecológica e Conservação; Elsevier, 2020-09-30)
      Tropical deforestation drivers are complex and can change rapidly in periods of profound societal transformation, such as those during a pandemic. Evidence suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred illegal, opportunistic ...