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    • Contributions of the international plant science community to the fight against infectious diseases in humans - part 1: epidemic and pandemic diseases, including HIV/AIDS and coronaviruses 

      Lobato, Maria; Huang, Xin; Alvarez, Derry; He, Wenshu; Baysal, Can; Zhu, Changfu; Armario-Nájera, Victoria; Blanco Perera, Amaya; Cerda, Pedro; Saba-Mayoral, Andrea; Sobrino-Mengual, Guillermo; Vargheese, Ashwin; Abranches, Rita; Abreu, Isabel Alexandra; Balamurugan, Shanmugaraj; Bock, Ralph; Buyel, Johannes F.; Cunha, Nicolau B. da; Daniell, Henry; Faller, Roland; Folgado, André; Gowtham, Iyappan; Häkkinen, Suvi; Kumar, Shashi; Sathish Kumar, Ramalingam; Lacorte, Cristiano; Lomonossoff, George P.; Luís, Ines M.; Ma, Julian K-C; McDonald, Karen A.; Murad, Andre; Nandi, Somen; O'Keef, Barry; Oksman-Caldentey, Kirsi-Marja; Parthiban, Subramanian; Paul, Mathew J.; Ponndorf, Daniel; Rech, Elibio; Rodrigues, Julio C. M.; Ruf, Stephanie; Schillberg, Stefan; Schwestka, Jennifer; Shah, Priya S.; Singh, Rahul; Stoger, Eva; Twyman, Richard M.; Varghese, Inchakalody P.; Vianna, Giovanni R.; Webster, Gina; Wilbers, Ruud H. P.; Capell Capell, Teresa; Christou, Paul (Wiley, 2021-04-06)
      Infectious diseases, also known as transmissible or communicable diseases, are caused by pathogens or parasites that spread in communities by direct contact with infected individuals or contaminated materials, through ...