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    • A survey of potential vectors of apricot chlorotic leaf roll 

      Llácer Ill, Gerardo; Medina Piles, Vicente; Archelós, Dolores (Institut national de la recherche agronomique (França)EDP Sciences, 1988)
      A comparative survey was done in leafhopper populations captured in apricot orchards in two areas of Valencia, one with considerable natural spread of apricot chlorotic leaf roll (ACLR), and the other where such natural ...
    • Abundance of non-target pests in transgenic Bt-maize: a farm scale study 

      Pons i Domènech, Xavier; Lumbierres i Bardají, Belén; López Alonso, Carmen; Albajes Garcia, Ramon (Czech Academy of Sciences. Institute of Entomology of the Biology Centre, 2005)
      The impact of transgenic Bt-maize, expressing the Cry1Ab protein, on aphids, leafhoppers, cutworms and wireworms was evaluated at the farm scale by comparing their abundance on Bt-plots and those sown with the isogenic ...