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    • A novel carotenoid, 4-keto-a-carotene, as an unexpected by-product during genetic engineering of carotenogenesis in rice callus 

      Breitenbach, Jürgen; Bai, Chao; Rivera Vélez, Sol Maiam; Canela i Garayoa, Ramon; Capell Capell, Teresa; Christou, Paul; Zhu, Changfu; Sandmann, Gerhard (Elsevier, 2014)
      Rice endosperm is devoid of carotenoids because the initial biosynthetic steps are absent. The early carotenogenesis reactions were constituted through co-transformation of endosperm-derived rice callus with phytoene ...
    • Biofortification of plants with altered antioxidant content and composition: genetic engineering strategies 

      Changfu, Zhu; Sanahuja Solsona, Georgina; Yuan, Dawei; Farré Martinez, Gemma; Arjó Pont, Gemma; Berman Quintana, Judit; Zorrilla López, Uxue; Banakar, Raviraj; Bai, Chao; Pérez Massot, Eduard; Bassie Rene, Ludovic; Capell Capell, Teresa; Christou, Paul (Wiley Open Access, 2013)
      Antioxidants are protective molecules that neutralize reactive oxygen species and prevent oxidative damage to cellular components such as membranes, proteins and nucleic acids, therefore reducing the rate of cell death ...
    • Engineering metabolic pathways in plants by multigene transformation 

      Zorrilla López, Uxue; Masip Vilà, Gemma; Arjó Pont, Gemma; Bai, Chao; Banakar, Raviraj; Bassie Rene, Ludovic; Berman Quintana, Judit; Farré Martinez, Gemma; Miralpeix i Anglada, Bruna; Pérez Massot, Eduard; Sabalza Gallués, Maite; Sanahuja Solsona, Georgina; Vamvaka, Evangelia; Twyman, Richard M.; Christou, Paul; Zhu, Changfu; Capell Capell, Teresa (University of the Basque Country Press, 2013)
      Metabolic engineering in plants can be used to increase the abundance of specific valuable metabolites, but single-point interventions generally do not improve the yields of target metabolites unless that product is ...