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    • Mushroom emergence detected by combining spore trapping with molecular techniques 

      Castaño Soler, Carles; Oliva Palau, Jonàs; Martínez de Aragón, Juan; Alday, Josu G.; Parladé Izquierdo, Xavier; Pera i Álvarez, Joan; Bonet Lledos, José Antonio (American Society for Microbiology, 2017)
      ABSTRACT Obtaining reliable and representative mushroom production data requires time-consuming sampling schemes. In this paper, we assessed a simple methodology to detect mushroom emergence by trapping the fungal spores ...
    • Rainfall homogenizes while fruiting increases diversity of spore deposition in Mediterranean conditions 

      Castaño Soler, Carles; Bonet Lledos, José Antonio; Oliva Palau, Jonàs; Farré Martinez, Gemma; Martínez de Aragón, Juan; Parladé Izquierdo, Xavier; Pera i Álvarez, Joan; Alday, Josu G. (Elsevier; British Mycological Society, 2019-09-01)
      There is a lack of knowledge regarding the main factors modulating fungal spore deposition in forest ecosystems. We have described the local spatio-temporal dynamics of fungal spore deposition along a single fruiting season ...