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    • Effects of elevation-dependent climate warming on intra- and inter-specific growth synchrony in mixed mountain forests 

      del Río, Miren; Vergarechea, Marta; Hilmers, Torben; Alday, Josu G.; Avdagić, Admir; Binder, Franz; Bosela, Michal; Dobor, Laura; Forrester, David I.; Halilović, Velid; Ibrahimspahić, Aida; Klopcic, Matija; Lévesque, Mathieu; Nagel, Thomas A.; Sitkova, Zuzana; Schütze, Gerhard; Stajić, Branko; Stojanović, Dejan; Uhl, Enno; Zlatanov, Tzvetan; Tognetti, Roberto; Pretzsch, Hans (Elsevier, 2020-09-19)
      Spruce-fir-beech mixed forests cover a large area in European mountain regions, with high ecological and socio-economic importance. As elevation-zone systems they are highly affected by climate change, which is modifying ...