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    • Are wildfires a threat to fungi in European pinus forests? A case study of Boreal and Mediterranean forests 

      Franco Manchón, Iván; Salo, Kauko; Oria-de-Rueda, Juan Andrés; Bonet Lledos, José Antonio; Martín-Pinto, Pablo (MDPI, 2019-04-04)
      Natural forests and plantations of Pinus are ecologically and economically important worldwide, producing an array of goods and services, including the provision of non-wood forest products. Pinus species play an important ...
    • Record breaking mushroom yields in Spain 

      Alday, Josu G.; Bonet Lledos, José Antonio; Oria-de-Rueda, Juan Andrés; Martínez de Aragón, Juan; Aldea, Jorge; Martín-Pinto, Pablo; Hernández-Rodríguez, María; Martínez Peña, Fernando (Elsevier, 2017)
      Despite the assumption that mushroom fruiting is dependent on climate conditions, recent changes in temperature and precipitation regimes in Mediterranean-type ecosystems have opened new questions about how climate changes ...
    • Yield models for predicting aboveground ectomycorrhizal fungal productivity in Pinus sylvestris and Pinus pinaster stands of northern Spain 

      Sánchez-González, Mariola; Miguel Magaña, Sergio de; Martín-Pinto, Pablo; Martínez Peña, Fernando; Pasalodos-Tato, María; Oria-de-Rueda, Juan Andrés; Martínez de Aragón, Juan; Cañellas, Isabel; Bonet Lledos, José Antonio (Springer Open, 2019-12-16)
      Background: Predictive models shed light on aboveground fungal yield dynamics and can assist decision-making in forestry by integrating this valuable non-wood forest product into forest management planning. However, the ...