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    • Malt modification and its effects on the contributions of barley genotype to beer flavor 

      Herb, Dustin; Filichkin, Tanya; Fisk, Scott; Helgerson, Laura; Hayes, Patrick; Benson, Amanda; Vega, Veronica; Carey, Daniel; Thiel, Randy; Cistué Solá, Luis; Jennings, Rebecca; Monsour, Robert; Tynan, Sean; Vinkemeier, Kristi; Li, Yueshu; Nguygen, Andrew; Onio, Aaron; Meints, Brigid; Moscou, Matthew; Romagosa Clariana, Ignacio; Thomas, William (American Society of Brewing Chemists, 2017)
      Based on prior research that showed significant genetic differences be- tween barley genotypes for beer sensor y descriptors, the effects of degree of malt modification on these descriptors were assessed in ...