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    • Carbon management in dryland agricultural systems. A review 

      Plaza Bonilla, Daniel; Arrúe, José Luis; Cantero-Martínez, Carlos; Fanlo Domínguez, Rosario; Iglesias, Ana; Álvaro-Fuentes, Jorge (Springer-Verlag, 2015)
      Dryland areas cover about 41 % of the Earth's surface and sustain over 2 billion inhabitants. Soil carbon (C) in dryland areas is of crucial importance to maintain soil quality and productivity and a range of ecosystem ...
    • Strategies for greenhouse gas emissions mitigation in Mediterranean agriculture: A review 

      Sanz-Cobena, A; Lassaletta, L; Aguilera, E; del Prado, A.; Garnier, J.; Billen, G.; Iglesias, Ana; Sánchez, B.; Guardia, G.; Ábalos, D.; Plaza Bonilla, Daniel; Puigdueta-Bartolomé, I.; Moral, R.; Galán, E.; Arriaga, H.; Merino, P.; Infante-Amate, J.; Meijide, A.; Pardo, G.; Álvaro-Fuentes, Jorge; Gilsanz, C.; Báez, D.; Doltra, J.; González-Ubierna, S.; Cayuela, M. L.; Menéndez, S.; Díaz-Pinés, E.; Le-Noë, J.; Quemada, M.; Estellés, F.; Calvet, S.; van Grinsven, H.J.M.; Westhoek, H.; Sanz, M. J.; Gimeno, B. S.; Vallejo, A.; Smith, P. (Elsevier, 2017)
      An integrated assessment of the potential of different management practices for mitigating specific components of the total GHG budget (N2O and CH4 emissions and C sequestration) of Mediterranean agrosystems was performed ...