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    • Invasive forest pathogens in Europe: Cross-country variation in public awareness but consistency in policy acceptability 

      Eriksson, Louise; Boberg, Johanna; Cech, Thomas L.; Corcobado, Tamara; Desprez-Loustau, Marie-Laure; Hietala, Ari M.; Horta Jung, Marília; Jung, Thomas; Doğmuş Lehtijarvi, Hatice Tuğba; Oskay, Funda; Slavov, Slavtcho; Solheim, Halvor; Stenlid, Jan; Oliva Palau, Jonàs (Springer Verlag, 2018)
      Political action can reduce introductions of diseases caused by invasive forest pathogens (IPs) and public support is important for effective prevention. The public’s awareness of IP problems and ...
    • Unravelling hybridization in Phytophthora using phylogenomics and genome size estimation 

      Van Poucke, Kris; Haegeman, Annelies; Goedefroit, Thomas; Focquet, Fran; Leus, Leen; Horta Jung, Marília; Nave, Corina; Redondo, Miguel Ángel; Husson, Claude; Kostov, Kaloyan; Lyubenova, Aneta; Christova, Petya; Chandelier, Anne; Slavov, Slavtcho; De Cock, Arthur; Bonants, Peter; Werres, Sabine; Oliva Palau, Jonàs; Marçais, Benoit; Jung, Thomas; Stenli, Jan; Ruttink, Tom; Heungens, Kurt (International Mycological Association (IMA), 2021-07-01)
      The genus Phytophthora comprises many economically and ecologically important plant pathogens. Hybrid species have previously been identified in at least six of the 12 phylogenetic clades. These hybrids can potentially ...