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    • Low-Carbohydrate diet for the treatment of gestational Diabetes Mellitus 

      Moreno Castilla, Cristina; Hernandez, Marta; Bergua, Mercè; Álvarez, Maria C.; Arce, Maria A.; Rodríguez, Karen; Martínez Alonso, Montserrat; Iglesias Durán, Montserrat; Mateu, Magdalena; Santos, Maria D.; Pacheco, Linda R.; Blasco, Yolanda; Martín, Eva; Balsells, Núria; Aranda, Núria; Mauricio Puente, Dídac (American Diabetes Association, 2013)
      OBJECTIVE: Medical nutrition therapy based on the control of the amount and distribution of carbohydrates (CHO) is the initial treatment for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), but there is a need for randomized controlled ...
    • Neuronal survival induced by neurotrophins requires calmodulin 

      Egea Navarro, Joaquim; Espinet Mestre, Carme; Soler i Tatché, Rosa Ma.; Dolcet Roca, Xavier; Yuste Mateos, Víctor J. (Víctor José); Encinas Martín, Mario; Iglesias Durán, Montserrat; Rocamora Ibars, Nativitat; Comella i Carnicé, Joan Xavier (Rockefeller University Press, 2001)
      It has been reported that phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI 3-kinase) and its downstream target, protein kinase B (PKB), play a central role in the signaling of cell survival triggered by neurotrophins (NTs). In this report, ...