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    • BCL-XL regulates TNF-α-mediated cell death independently of NF-κB, FLIP and IAPs 

      Gozzelino, Raffaella; Solé Serra, Carme; Llecha Cano, Núria; Segura Ginard, Miguel Francisco; Moubarak, Rana S.; Iglesias Guimarais, Victoria; Pérez García, María José; Reix, Stéphanie; Zhang, Jisheng; Badiola, Nahuai; Sanchis, Daniel; Rodríguez Álvarez, José; Trullas, Ramon; Yuste Mateos, Víctor J. (Víctor José); Comella i Carnicé, Joan Xavier (Springer Nature, 2008)
      Upon activation, tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) receptor can engage apoptotic or survival pathways. Inhibition of macromolecular synthesis is known to sensitize cells to TNF-α-induced cell death. It is believed that ...
    • The long form of fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule is expressed specifically in neurons and protects them against death receptor-triggered apoptosis 

      Segura Ginard, Miguel Francisco; Solé Serra, Carme; Pascual, Marta; Moubarak, Rana S.; Pérez García, María José; Gozzelino, Raffaella; Iglesias Guimarais, Victoria; Badiola, Nahuai; Bayascas Ramírez, José Ramón; Llecha Cano, Núria; Rodríguez Álvarez, José; Soriano, Eduardo; Yuste Mateos, Víctor J. (Víctor José); Comella i Carnicé, Joan Xavier (Society for Neuroscience, 2007)
      Death receptors (DRs) and their ligands are expressed in developing nervous system. However, neurons are generally resistant to death induction through DRs and rather their activation promotes neuronal outgrowth and ...